The Future Changes In PC Technology

Nowadays, we have got a wide variety of laptops and pc’s available. New technologies are hitting the market one by one. Whenever a new technology is introduced, people are running to buy those laptops with the new technology. No one had thought about a 4K Television, or a Smart Tv will get introduced in the future. Now everyone plans to buy a 4K Tv. In future also, there will be a lot of changes that can happen to the pc technology and here are some of them which can probably be seen in the near future.

The VR devices can come in different size and shape. Companies like Asus, Dell, Lenovo etc. will be part of giving the reality headsets which the user can use to interact with the 3D objects. The human-computer interaction will be taken to a new level with the help of VR devices. It will be fun to play the games or create a 3D object. There will be Intel chips in these computers and a real sense camera so that the objects can be identified faster; the distance can be measured etc. Selection of the storage space should be made carefully as it can affect the prices. The prices can go up if you do not choose the storage correctly.

Siri, Alexa and Cortana are familiar to many people. In the coming years, there will be a lot of changes in the voice-activated assistant. You will be able to speak to them from a longer distance. Already these voice-activated assistants have increased the number of users by providing them with the command easiness. AMD is currently in a fighting position. However, Intel is the king of the PCs. However, if AMD can bring in new technology like Ryyzen PC processor, then you will get to see a healthy rivalry.

Many users lost the trust of ARM pcs when the program ran on Windows RT resulted in a disaster. However, the Microsoft did not lose its hope and are in the process of bringing 5G. They have already announced that snapdragon 835 will be available for smartphones. They will also be producing thin laptops, which are easy to carry with a long battery life. It is clear that there will be a lot of challenges in bringing this product to the market. People will have to wait and watch until the pc’s hit the market.

The Bluetooth version 5 will be a wireless specification which is a faster up gradation to the Bluetooth 4.2. Unlike old Bluetooth, the version 5 will allow users to communicate from approximately 400 meters away, analysts say. The transfer speed of the data will be 2 Mbps which means the future Bluetooth is much faster than the older version. Like the new addition in the keyboard, which is the touch bar by Apple, people will get to see more a lot of changes on the keyboard. There will be some ports that will not get used in the future such as the headphone jack as well as the SD card slots. No wonder why People are eagerly looking for the new changes that can happen because of the new technologies.